TAG-Confucius Institute Wins the Excellent Work Prize in Online Story Club for Children around the World “Fighting COVID-19—My Story”

On September 18, the award ceremony of Online Story Club for Children around the world “Fighting COVID-19—My Story” sponsored by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) was held online. Wang Jiarui, Chairman of CSCLF, Zhang Xu, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, Hang Yuanxiang, Executive Vice Chairman of CSCLF, and Yu Qun, Vice Chairman of CSCLF, attended the award ceremony.

Tian Wei, member of CSCLF and famous CCTV presenter, presided over the event. More than 200 representatives around the world participated in the award ceremony, such as heads of overseas China Culture Centers, representatives of educational institutions and children in more than 30 countries including Jordan,Russia, France, Belgium, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Egypt and New Zealand, etc. and 8 provinces and cities in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. Yang Songfang, Chinese Director of TAG-Confucius Institute, was invited to attend the award ceremony.

Yu Qun said in his speech that we have experienced a global war against COVID-19 pandemic over the past eight months. China’s President Xi Jinping pointed out that we should build a community of shared future for mankind to meet the common challenges of mankind and build a more prosperous and beautiful world. CSCLF practices the tenet of “peace, unity and future”, adheres to the concept of “one world, one family” and sticks to the principle of “giving the most precious things to children”. 

As the pandemic spreads across the world, CSCLF organizes Online Story Club for children around the world so that they can express their common aspiration to overcome the pandemic as soon as possible, which forms a children’s chorus of the community of shared future for mankind and is the beautiful scenery in the global public health security war. 

Zhang Xu said that nearly 200 stories around the world were received in this event, and the children interpreted their experience and perception of life and disaster with their dreams, emotions and hearts, their admiration and gratitude to the frontline heroes fighting the pandemic, and their yearning and expectation for overcoming the pandemic.

With the theme of “Fighting COVID-19—My Story”, collecting stories of “fraternity, solidarity and cooperation in combating coronavirus”, the event received responses from 35 countries and regions on five continents. Clips of excellent stories of children around the world were broadcast at the award ceremony. With the picture of Petra clearly appearing on the big screen, Aqsa from TAG-Confucius Institute is telling the story of how Jordanian government and people make concerted efforts to fight coronavirus and get friendly assistance from other countries including China. He said passionately, “The world is a big family. Solidarity and cooperation are the most reliable ways to defeat any global disease. Cooperation, not confrontation, friendship, not hospitality, can overcome COVID-19 and build a peaceful and prosperous world. I hope the day will come soon when everyone will bloom a happy smile and breathe freely in the sun. ”

Aqsa from TAG-Confucius Institute Wins the Excellent Work Prize in Online Story Club for Children around the World “Fighting COVID-19—My Story” and he won the precious certificate of honor and prize which will be mailed to him by the sponsor. 

Different languages tell the same story and different skin colors express the same wish. Online Story Club guides children from many countries to conduct in-depth exchanges on the same theme, innovate and explore new models of international exchanges under the pandemic situation, promote children around the world to help each other and communicate with each other.

 It shows the vivid practice of children participating in the construction of community of shared human health and plays the main melody of fraternity, solidarity and global fight against pandemic.

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