TAG-Confucius Institute Successfully Holds Online Chinese Proficiency Test

On April 24, Amman TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI) held the third Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK/HSKK test) which was also the first online test (home edition) this year. The test covered HSK level 2-6, HSKK basic and intermediate levels, and a total of 78 candidates took the test.
In view of the severe COVID-19 pandemic situation in Jordan, TAG-CI canceled the offline test originally scheduled to be held on March 20. In order to meet the needs of students in applying for scholarships, graduation and job hunting, TAG-CI held the home-based online test. 
TAG-CI attached great importance to each test as before. All the teachers of TAG-CI took part in the pre-test training organized by Chinese Testing International. Although TAG-CI has had three times of experience in online test, it was still strict in the whole process to create a serious, orderly, honest and trustworthy test atmosphere to truly test the teaching and learning quality.
TAG-CI held a test work meeting. All the teachers carefully studied the relevant materials of the online test, and learned about the improvements and updates of the test application, test precautions, test process and other contents. Dr. Yang Songfang, Chinese Director of TAG-CI, clarified the tasks of each teacher so that they could perform their duties in a targeted way.
One month before the test, the teachers set up contact groups for the students they were responsible for, informed them of the relevant requirements of the test, conducted pre-test training, helped the students download and install the test application and Zoom invigilating software, organized mock tests, and solved the problems of the students, so as to ensure that the students were familiar with the whole test process. Dr. Yang Songfang downloaded the admission tickets and login passwords from Chinese test website before the test and the teachers sent them to each student.
On the day of the test, the teachers came to TAG-CI one hour in advance. In accordance with the test requirements and process, they opened the Zoom meeting, logged in the test monitoring system, monitored and assisted the students to log in the test system, and prepared to record the whole process of Zoom video invigilation.

In the process of the test, the teachers monitored the students’ answering status and process in the test monitoring system. Most students did the test smoothly and some of them encountered some problems, which were solved under the guidance of the invigilators and the technical teachers of Chinese Testing International.  
After the test, the teachers gave supplementary time to individual students who had missed some questions because of system problems. The chief invigilator of TAG-CI Dr. Yang Songfang filled in the abnormal conditions of the test in the system and the test report forms, and sent them to Chinese Testing International. After that, she uploaded the recording videos through WeTransfer to Chinese Testing International. With the joint efforts of all the teachers, the online test ended successfully until the evening. When receiving thank-you messages from the students and parents, the teachers felt that all the hard work was worthwhile. Here, we would like to thank the students and parents for their active cooperation and the technical teachers of Chinese Testing International for their 24-hour cloud companion and patient guidance and help to ensure the smooth implementation of the online test in the test centers around the world. 
Chinese Proficiency Test is the annual key project of TAG-CI. Upholding the concept of “Based on the local area, serve the local people”, TAG-CI always puts the local people’s need for Chinese language in the first place, creates good Chinese learning and test opportunities for them, and continues to make new and greater contributions to the development of Chinese education in Jordan.


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