TAG-Confucius Institute Participates in “Charming Culture” Essay-Soliciting Event

From July 9 to September 30, the “Charming Culture” event was jointly held by Chinese International Education Foundation, Sichuan Xinhua Publishing and Distribution Co. Ltd. and Sichuan Xinhua Lezhi Educational Technology Co. Ltd.

This event aimed to promote the exchange and mutual learning of various cultures around the world, demonstrate the diversity of culture, find similarities between Chinese culture and foreign cultures, enhance mutual understanding and promote people-to-people communication by writing essays. TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI) actively organized the students to participate in this event.

The event included four themes: A. Diverse world cultures; B. Similarities between Chinese culture and foreign cultures—resonance in civilization; C. My story with China, with Chinese language, and with Chinese culture; D. “The land of abundance” in my mind, and “The city of mountains and rivers” in my mind. 

Under the guidance of Chinese Director Yang Songfang, the students of TAG-CI actively participated in essay writing. After correction and improvement, TAG-CI eventually submitted five works with original pictures and videos. The five works are “My good time in China” “My journey of learning Chinese” “I enjoy the company of TAG-Confucius Institute on my way to success” “Arab customs” “Arab food—bread”. The works submitted will be evaluated and selected by a judging panel, and the list of winners will be announced on the official website. The excellent works will be published in a collection at the end of 2021.

This event further promotes students’ learning Chinese and paying attention to the diverse cultures in the world, and contributes to the exchange and mutual learning of different cultures.

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