TAG-Confucius Institute Participates in 2022 “Chinese Bridge” Online Exchange Program

On April 11, the opening ceremony of the 2022 “Chinese Bridge” Online Exchange Program was held online, which was sponsored by Chinese Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC) and undertaken by Shenyang Normal University (SNU). Zhang Wei, Director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of SNU, Hu Bo, Deputy Director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of SNU, Dr. Yang Songfang, Chinese Director of TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI) attended the opening ceremony, and 82 students from Jordan were present at the ceremony.

“Chinese Bridge” Online Exchange Program is a Chinese language and culture experience program aiming to meet the needs of foreign Chinese learners to learn Chinese language and culture and enjoy the features and charm of Chinese culture by combining online Chinese class and cultural experience activities. This program will last for 10 days.

The students first watched the publicity video of SNU and had a better understanding of the university.

In the speech, Yang Songfang expressed thanks to CLEC and SNU for providing Jordanian students with rich courses of this program, including Chinese language, traditional Chinese medicine, Peking opera, Chinese nature and culture, Chinese education, travelling around Imperial Palace of Shenyang, etc. 

She said that Chinese language is one of the six working languages of the United Nations (UN) and has become the official language of the World Tourism Organization of the UN since 2021.

 Learning Chinese well means having more opportunities. Learning Chinese well can better understand China’s history, philosophy, literature and culture. Learning Chinese well can better understand China. 

This year witnesses the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Jordan. She hoped that Jordanian students would be the ambassadors of friendly exchanges between China and Jordan and the practioners and promotors of exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese civilization and Arab civilization in the future.

Saja Al-Krimeen, a local Chinese language teacher, expressed her gratitude to SNU through a shot video for providing Jordanian students with a good opportunity to learn Chinese language and experience Chinese culture so that the students could obtain Chinese wisdom and Chinese value. She also thanked Dr. Yang Songfang for her love, encouragement, support and help to Jordanian students so that they could constantly explore and acquire new knowledge on the way of Chinese learning.

Zhang Wei and Hu Bo welcomed Jordanian students to participate in the online program and hoped that they could go to SNU for further study in the near future to feel China’s economic and social development and prosperity.

After the opening ceremony, the students enjoyed the live cultural lecture “Entering Liaoning Paleontological Museum”.  The program will enhance Jordanian students’ understanding of China, Liaoning Province and Chinese language and culture.    

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