TAG-Confucius Institute Holds Chinese Hard-Tipped Calligraphy Competition

During COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese teaching events at TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI) are still conducted online. In order to inspire students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese, enrich daily teaching content, standardize Chinese characters writing, and display the charm of Chinese calligraphy, TAG-CI held an online Chinese hard-tipped calligraphy competition on July 19. The competition was divided into adult group and children group, and dozens of students participated in the competition. 
After more than two weeks of preparation, under the careful guidance of the teachers of TAG-CI, with the active cooperation and careful preparation of the students, the students submitted fascinating calligraphy works to TAG-CI with positive and delightful content, including Chinese classical poetry, modern poetry, prose, children’s rhymes, idiom stories, philosophical essays, classic articles in the textbooks, etc. Their writing is standard and pleasing to the eye; the paper looks neat and the layout is reasonable.

After evaluation and scoring by the teachers, the final result of the calligraphy competition is that Rand Albakri won the first place of adult group; Emran Albaba and Yazan Mussa won the second and third place of adult group respectively. Abdallah Aldirini won the first place of children group; Reema Khashashneh and Esra Albaba won the second and third place of children’s group respectively. 

Chinese characters are an indispensable part of Chinese teaching. This calligraphy competition, from the selection of writing content to writing practice, on the one hand, has trained students’ ability of text appreciation and writing skills; on the other hand, let the students see the achievements of their Chinese learning and experience the beauty of Chinese characters. The competition will promote Chinese language teaching and learning. 


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