TAG-Confucius Institute Holds Celebrations of International Chinese Language Day

April 20 witnessed the 13th UN Chinese Language Day and the 3rd International Chinese Language Day. The theme of this year was “Chinese language: building a better future”. From April 12-20, TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI) held a series of celebrations online, including lectures, language games, song-singing, story- telling, dubbing, cultural experience, art appreciation, exchange and discussion, etc. so as to promote Chinese language internationally and highlight the charm of Chinese language and culture.

The teacher introduced the origin of International Chinese Language Day, from “Grain Rain” (one of the 24 solar terms of traditional Chinese culture), legend of the invention of Chinese characters by Cang Jie, to the evolution of oracle bone inscriptions to current Chinese characters. The students learned about the origin of International Chinese Language Day and the long history of Chinese characters. 

In Chinese classes, the students participated in some interesting Chinese games, such as character-guessing games, tongue twisters, character chain games, etc. Everyone was immersed in the fun of Chinese language. 

In song-singing activity, the children learned to sing “Two Tigers” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, while the adult students learned to sing “Jasmine” and “The Moon Represents My Heart”. All of the students enjoyed the beauty of Chinese language in singing.

The activities also included telling “My story with Chinese language” and dubbing of “Home with Kids”. The students shared their experience of learning Chinese and interesting stories. Through dubbing, they practiced their imitation ability, pronunciation, intonation, experienced and grasped the characters’ psychological states. The students became more and more interested in Chinese language.

In Chinese cultural experience and art appreciation activities, the students enjoyed traditional Chinese costumes, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese cuisine, Kongfu tea, blue and white porcelain, blowing sugar figure and sugar paintings. By the pictures, videos, physical objects and the teacher’s explanation, the Chinese culture with oriental connotation brought the students beauty, fun and enjoyment.
Exchange and discussion practiced the students’ logical thinking, language expression and aesthetic consciousness. 

Chinese is one of the oldest languages in the world and most widely used language in the world. International Chinese Language Day would enable more people to experience the beauty of Chinese language, China’s long civilization and splendid culture. Through these celebrations, the students gained more knowledge and pleasure, and they would continue to write their wonderful stories with Chinese language.

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