TAG-Confucius Institute Held the Second Online HSK Test 

On June 28, TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI) successfully held the second online Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK test, home edition) covering HSK levels 1-6. Twenty students took the test. 

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, TAG-CI has cancelled the offline HSK tests which should have been held in March, May and June. In order to meet the needs of Chinese learners, with the support and help of the Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd. (CTI), TAG-CI held the second online HSK test in June after the first one held on May 27, which the students took at home with remote monitoring from the test center.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the test, TAG-CI held a training meeting for teachers before the test to study the online HSK test management manual, online test system operating manual, instructions for test takers, etc. to make the teachers have full knowledge of test process, be familiar with online test operating system and pay attention to relevant matters. 

The teachers divided their duties and each one was responsible for one level of the test. The teacher and his/her students established a WeChat group or a WhatsApp group to facilitate the guidance.

 According to the test requirements, the teacher informed the students of preparing computers that met the test requirements, guided the students to download HSK client, tested network speed, checked cameras, earphones and test environment, guided and assisted the students to download and install ZOOM or DingTalk meeting software for remote monitoring during the test, booked a meeting and sent the meeting ID and Password to CTI. 

After everything was ready, the teachers led the students to conduct three mock tests to familiarize them with the operating system and solve various problems at any time. TAG-CI printed out the students’ admission tickets, rosters, test room record forms, login passwords, etc. in advance and issued them to the teachers and students at an appropriate time.

One hour before the test, the teacher and students joined the meeting. Each student placed his/her mobile phone at the position one meter left or right behind and adjusted the height and angle to ensure the monitoring effect. The teachers verified the identity of each student and then read the test discipline and requirements. After that, the students logged in the test client, receiving face recognition verification while logging, and waited for the test. 

In the process of the test, on the one hand, the teachers monitored the students’ answering progress and manually captured the students’ status through the invigilator system; on the other hand, the teachers monitored the students and recorded the entire test video through video meeting.

 If any student had a network problem, the chief invigilator of TAG-CI would send a screenshot to CTI technical teacher in a timely manner, who quickly solved the problem through remote guidance. In the process of invigilating the test, the teacher filled in the test room record form, including the students’ information and test environment verification, the network system situation report, the test room situation feedback and so on. 

Just after the test, with the approval of CTI, TAG-CI made up the time for a HSK level 2 student who missed answering some questions due to network problems. After it was finished, the student’s mother expressed her thanks to the teacher and CTI technical teachers for their cooperation and help. Other students also sent teachers messages of thanks for their patient guidance and mock tests to ensure the success of the test. TAG-CI teachers reviewed and summarized the test to make preparations for future online tests.

At present, the number of Chinese learners is increasing, people of different ages and Occupations are learning Chinese and they attach great importance to HSK test as well. This time, a 66-year-old examinee took online HSK level 1.

 Before the test, he found that his computer didn’t meet the test requirements. So he specially bought a new laptop for this test. He participated in the mock test seriously and finally successfully completed the test. He is an employee of a company. Out of love for Chinese, he began his Chinese learning journey. This is his first time to take online HSK test. His rigorous attitude and persistent spirit is admirable. 

It’s worth mentioning that the technical teachers of CTI were accompanying and serving the global test takers 24 hours on the test day. Their professionalism and high sense of responsibility are powerful guarantee for the smooth implementation of the test. During the pandemic period, online HSK test is convenient for test takers and also ensures the health and safety of test takers and the staff of the test center.


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