TAG-Confucius Institute Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

September 21 witnessed traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also called Moon Festival, Reunion Festival, etc., which contains beautiful meanings such as reunion, harmony and auspiciousness. TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI) held wonderful teaching and celebration activities online and offline, so that the students could learn language knowledge and understand festival culture.

The celebration consisted of two parts:

In the first part, the teachers vividly introduced the origin, legends, customs and food of the Mid-Autumn Festival to the students through pictures, videos and texts, and actively interacted with the students. The students delivered pleasant festival blessings through singing, painting, handicrafts, calligraphy and poetry recitation. On the one hand, the students learned Chinese knowledge; on the other hand, they appreciated Chinese culture, and expressed that they would go to China to experience the festival atmosphere in person in the future.

In the second part, the teachers and students picked up the mobile phones or cameras on the full moon night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, went out of the house to the place they had selected in advance, waited for the suitable time to take pictures of the most beautiful moon.

The pictures of the moon are pleasing to the eye: the moon has just climbed to the top of the mountain; the moon is just hanging on the tip of a tree; the moon seems to play hide-and-seek with you among the trees; the moon goes into the clouds; the moon has risen high in the vast sky.

People and things are immersed in the moonlight, what a peaceful and intoxicating moonlit night! Some student also shot a video of the moon: the breeze is blowing, the leaves are moving slightly, the moonlight is quiet, and the children are swinging on the swings under the moon.

What a quiet and charming moon view! TAG-CI selected some best pictures of the moon and sent them to Chinese International Education Foundation to participate in the global CI Mid-Autumn moon photography exhibition. 

The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations not only gave the students an opportunity to experience the unique charm of China’s traditional festival and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning Chinese language and culture, but also cultivated their sense of participation and spirit of cooperation. 



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