TAG-Confucius Institute Attend 2020 Asian Confucius Institute Forum

On December 15, the 2020 Asian Confucius Institute Forum was jointly held by Chinese International Education Foundation and Beijing Language and Culture University in order to enhance the communication and cooperation among Confucius Institutes, and discuss how to further fuel the sustainable and high-quality development of Confucius Institutes in the future. With the theme of “Collaboration and Innovation for an Extraordinary Future of Confucius Institute”, representatives of Confucius Institutes in Asia and Chinese and foreign partners gathered online to discuss actively the relevant topics. Luay Abu-Ghazaleh, President of the Board of TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI), Mamoun Abu Al-Sebaa, Jordanian Director of TAG-CI, Yang Songfang, Chinese Director of TAG-CI, Randa Al-Yabroudi, Deputy Manager of TAG-CI, attended the online Forum.

In his keynote speech, Liu Li, Vice President of the Board of Chinese International Education Foundation and President of Beijing Language and Culture University, pointed out that the current development of Confucius Institute has “six new”, namely “new situation, new characteristics, new mechanism, new mode, new coordinate and new development”. In the new era, Confucius Institutes should give top priority to sustainable and high-quality development, firmly establish the student-centered development concept, constantly improve the management system and operation mechanism, and promote the connotative, professional and localized construction of Confucius Institute. Gradually strengthen the networking, digitalization and intellectualization, and promote the online and offline integration and digital development of Confucius Institute. Further determine the positioning and characteristics of the development of Confucius Institute, and create featured Confucius Institutes, featured projects and featured courses. Constantly strengthen the collaboration with Confucius Institutes, schools/universities, enterprises and other partners in the same region to achieve collaborative development. 

In addition, seven delegates made speeches in terms of different topics such as “Further reassuring partner institutions’ due and more contribution to boost the sustainable and high-quality development of Confucius Institutes” “Enhancing the regional synergy among Confucius Institutes” “Maximizing the leading role of model Confucius Institutes” “Setting up an alliance for featured Confucius Institutes” “Carrying out quality-based assessment of Confucius Institutes” “Building a competent team of local teachers for Confucius Institutes”.
Zhou Zuoyu, Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese International Education Foundation and Vice President of Being Normal University, chaired the Forum. In his summary, he stated that the vigorous development of Asian Confucius Institutes is obvious to all, which is inseparable from the reform, innovation and development of their management system, teaching training system, teaching evaluation system and other aspects. We should continue to give full play to the advantages of Asian Confucius Institutes, explore their potential, and actively promote their construction, teaching quality and cultural communication effects. 
The Asian Confucius Institute Forum was held at an important time when Confucius Institutes were transferred to Chinese International Education Foundation and entered a new era of development. It is of great significance to innovate the development mechanism of Confucius Institute, build the brand of Confucius Institute, advance the development of international Chinese education, and facilitate the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. In the future, the Chinese and foreign cooperation institutions of Confucius Institute will continue to work together to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of Confucius Institute and make greater contributions to promoting the mutual learning and development of the world’s diverse civilizations.


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