TAG-Confucius Institute Actively Participates in the “ZUI·Confucius Institute” Short Video Collection 

From June 30 to August 30, Chinese International Education Foundation (CIEF) launched the “ZUI·Confucius Institute” Short Video Collection event, aiming to collect Confucius Institute stories that are most authentic, heart-warming, fun, ingenious to share with the people around the world and promote language and cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI) actively organized the students to participate in this event which covered four themes, that is, “ZUI·Confucius Institute” “ZUI·Chinese” “ZUI·Culture” and Extra Topics. “ZUI·Confucius Institute” collected videos introducing the Confucius Institute and showcasing its achievements from various perspectives; “ZUI·Chinese” collected videos telling stories of the Chinese language, Chinese teaching and learning, the local developments of Chinese education, and the similarities and differences between the Chinese language and the local language; “ZUI·Culture” focused on introducing Chinese culture, the local culture of the Confucius Institute host country (region), and the Chinese and foreign cultural interaction; Extra Topics included “I Love Writing Chinese Characters” “I Can Speak Chinese” “Chinese Learning Tips” “Radiant Smiles” and “Amazing Oriental Power”. 

A total of 50 students from TAG-CI participated in the Short Video Collection event. Under the guidance of TAG-CI teachers, the students and their parents raised their cameras to shoot exquisite theme videos indoors or outdoors. 

After about two months of preparation, shooting, editing and production, with the joint efforts of and cooperation between the teachers and students, a total of 16 entries were collected, including one entry of “ZUI·Confucius Institute”, five entries of “ZUI·Chinese”, five entries of “ZUI·Culture” and five entries of Extra Topics. 

Each video is vivid and wonderful, showing the experience, methods and achievements of Chinese learning, Chinese and Arab culture, and the talents of the teachers and students of TAG-CI from different perspectives, and expressing their deep love for the Confucius Institute, Chinese language, China and Jordan. 

TAG-CI has submitted the collected videos to CIEF for competition. 

This event further enhanced Jordanian students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese language and culture, and contributed to language and cultural exchanges between China and Jordan.

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