Hanban, Also known as "National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOCFL)" When the Hanban was initially established in 1987, it was the executive body of the State Leading Group for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Hanban is affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China. In order to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and other people of the world, promote economic and trade cooperation as well as scientific, technological and cultural exchanges between them. The Confucius Institute project, administered by the Chinese Ministry of Education through the Hanban; aims to promote the study and understanding of Chinese language and culture throughout the world and to provide convenience as well as an excellent learning environment for the Chinese language learners. In September 2008, an agreement was signed between Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) and the Hanban to establish TAG-Confucius as the only official Chinese language teaching center in Jordan. Depending on the requirements of TAG-Confucius, Hanban will provide the necessary academic support; some of the support includes sending? top-notch teaching staff, providing financial support in relation to Chinese teaching and promotion activities, providing teaching models and course syllabus, accredited multimedia courseware, audio and video teaching materials, and providing training in relation to the operations of the Institute. Hanban website: http://www.hanban.edu.cn/

Cultural Program

Organizing cultural activities is an effective way to expand the influence of Confucius Institutes(HSK Exam)

China Visit Program

Confucius Institute Summer/winter camp is an annual Chinese language

Chinese for Kids

TAG-Confucius Institute designed this special course for children 6 to 14 years old