Chinese language teaching is the key mission of Confucius Institute. In order to meet the needs of Chinese language learners in Jordan, TAG-Confucius Institute offers Chinese courses of various categories and levels, including Chinese courses for adults, Chinese courses for children, business Chinese training course, HSK/YCT training course, etc. covering threshold, basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Besides, TAG-Confucius institute holds a “Chinese corner” which provides an opportunity for students to participate in subject discussion and practice listening and speaking. Each year, TAG-Confucius Institute holds 10 HSK/YCT tests which is a good way to check students’ mastering of language knowledge and their language level and also prepares the students for applying for Confucius Institute scholarships.
Apart from Chinese language teaching, TAG-Confucius Institute conducts such events as Chinese teaching seminar, “Chinese Bridge”, Chinese Proficiency Competition, Chinese calligraphy competition, Chinese characters dictation competition, Chinese calligraphy and painting works exhibition and so on. All the events contribute to Chinese language teaching and learning.


Cultural Program

Organizing cultural activities is an effective way to expand the influence of Confucius Institutes(HSK Exam)

China Visit Program

Confucius Institute Summer/winter camp is an annual Chinese language

Chinese for Kids

TAG-Confucius Institute designed this special course for children 6 to 14 years old