Chasing the Dream of China and Tracing the Origin of Chinese Characters:TAG-Confucius Institute Holds Chinese Brush Calligraphy Experience Activity

There is a profound connection between Chinese character culture and calligraphy art. Chinese characters are the symbolic carriers of calligraphy art, and calligraphy is the aesthetic art of Chinese characters. Therefore, learning calligraphy is an important process for foreign Chinese learners to improve their Chinese character writing ability, strengthen their Chinese foundation, and understand Chinese culture. On April 1, on the occasion of the 2024 International Chinese Language Day, TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI) held a Chinese brush calligraphy activity with the theme of “Chasing the Dream of China and Tracing the Origin of Chinese Characters”.
At the beginning of the activity, the teacher of TAG-CI Ms. Sheng Guannan introduced the evolution of Chinese characters to the students present using the dynasty as a clue, emphasizing the important role of clerical script as a turning point of Chinese characters. She displayed the Chinese names of the students present in clerical script and asked them to find their own names. The activity greatly aroused the interest of the students with the lively atmosphere.
Afterwards, under the demonstration and guidance of the teachers, the students enthusiastically began to try brush calligraphy. In an hour, they wrote dozens of works, including not only their Chinese names, but also their love for China and their homeland Jordan. The students who completed their calligraphy works were all joyful.
This activity enabled the students to understand the origin and development of Chinese characters, strengthened their ability to write Chinese characters, had them appreciate the charm of Chinese characters and feel the rich cultural connotations behind them, which greatly increased their interest in learning Chinese.
TAG-CI will continue to provide a stage for Chinese learners to demonstrate their Chinese character writing skills and Chinese language competence. This activity is one of TAG-CI’s series of the 2024 International Chinese Language Day, and the Institute will continue to hold other activities to jointly celebrate this grand festival belonging to the global Chinese language family.


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