TAG-Confucius Institute won the first Place in the 18th   “Chinese Bridge” Competition

AMMAN ---The Preliminary Round in Jordan of the 18th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students and the 10th “Great Wall-Petra Cup” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Jordanian College Students was held at Jordan University on May 16, 2019, which was sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban in China and hosted by Chinese embassy in Jordan and Jordan University. Chinese ambassador HE Pan Weifang, the cultural counsellor Yang Ronghao, President of Jordan University University Prof. Ahmad Majthoub, attended the competition. Eleven students from TAG-Confucius Institute, the University of Jordan, Confucius Institute at Philadelphia University, participated in the competition.
    Chinese ambassador Pan Weifang gave a congratulation for the coming of the holy month of Ramadan, and he said the friendship between China and Jordan has a long history and there are many educational cooperative programs between the two countries. He hoped that the students can continue to make efforts to learn Chinese well and play important roles in the exchanges and cooperation in various fields between the two countries.
The competition consists of the speech with the theme of “One World, One Family”, questions and answers about Chinese national conditions and culture, and talent show. In the speech, some contestants talked about their life and study experience.
During the question-answer section, the extensive and profound Chinese culture was condensed into a lot of questions concerning drama, ancient poems, painting, traditional festivals, pictograph, the Silk Road and the others.

The contestants made full use of their knowledge and showed a fantastic feast of Chinese language and culture.

Talent show was the most wonderful part. The contestants showed their best talents including guitar playing and singing, calligraphy, poem recitation, Taiji, dance, etc. and won the heated applause.
After fierce competition, Sara from TAG-Confucius Institute won the first place by her accurate tones and clear articulation in her speech and the skill in writing the Chinese calligraphy. She got the qualification to go to China in July this year to watch the “Chinese Bridge” final competition. Manal from TAG-Confucius Institute got the third place.  
After the competition, Sara expressed her wish to be a Chinese teacher and help more Jordanian people to learn Chinese language and culture.
    “Chinese Bridge” competition provides a stage for youth to show their Chinese learning achievements and a platform to learn from and communicate with each other. It is also a good opportunity to test the results of Chinese teaching. The competition will further inspire the students’ enthusiasm and interest in learning Chinese and enhance their understanding of Chinese language and culture.


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