(TAG-Confucius Institute) attend the
Exhibition (the elegance of Chinese ink)
Amman – February 2018, TAGCI attend The exhibition "Elegance of Ink-Ink Paintings of Seven Chinese Female Artists" is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China and the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Jordan in cooperation with the China Arts and Entertainment Group, the China International Exhibition Agency and the Cairo Amman Bank for the purpose of cultural exchange and strengthening relations between China and Jordan, and also on the occasion of forty years of diplomatic relations in Jordan.
Artistic Language and form of female artists have now become a humanistic spectacle of much attention because of the characteristics of the natural aesthetics, narration and expression of females, along with the social progress and the increasing numbers of female artists.
The female images depicted by contemporary artists especially female artists themselves, have focused more on life and the ideal of contemporary Chinese female, and have expressed the female`s attitude towards life, based on the inheritance of traditional techniques and art spirit. 
The methods dealing with figures, the perspective of addressing problems, the aesthetic feeling and the expressed contents are different among these seven artists, but in the dissimilar narrations there is a common spiritual pursuit.
Along with the awakening of female self-consciousness and the development of Chinese art and culture, the emerged from the tradition and have created their own artistic styles and personal aesthetic experience through constant thinking, searching and imagining, and forming a dialogue with the contemporary era.
The seven female artists participating in this exhibition are now living in separate cities in China. All of them received a professional and solid training in the art academies. Most admirably, with their delicate and sensitive feeling, they take on a different road full of ideas and expression of contemporary art differing from the academic formality.

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