TAG-Confucius Institute Teachers Attend the 2nd Chinese Language Teaching Seminar in Jordan
AMMAN - The 2nd Chinese language teaching seminar sponsored by the Chinese Embassy to Jordan was held at Philadelphia University on September 22nd, attended by the cultural counselor of the Chinese Embassy to Jordan Mr. Yang Ronghao. Eighteen Chinese teachers from TAG-Confucius Institute, the University of Jordan, Confucius Institute at Philadelphia University, Yarmouk University, Islamic Educational College and Marshrek International School participated in the seminar.
The discussion centered around the practice of teaching the Chinese language in Jordan in the context of problems encountered in teaching, the teaching experience, teaching techniques and intercultural communication. The Chinese Director of TAG-Confucius Institute Ms. Yang Songfang presented TAG-CI’s role in “The Belt and Road” construction, including the provision of a language teaching service, culture service, information service and human resource service.
In his concluding remarks, the cultural counselor Mr. Yang Ronghao encouraged the teachers to uphold a sense of honor, sense of responsibility, sense of mission, and to promote activeness, enthusiasm and creativity in teaching, broaden their horizons and act as the messengers of educational and cultural exchanges between China and Jordan.

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