TAG-Confucius Institute Participates in 2018 Arab Teachers’ Training Program in China
LIAONING PROVINCE, China - TAG-Confucius Institute participated in the training program that was held in Shenyang Normal University for Arab local teachers in Arab countries in 2018.
The Institute's graduates Aya Al-Halwani and Nazaha  Al-Kilani who represented TAG-Confucius in this event were selected upon a recommendation by Dean of the Institute, Dr. Yang Song Fang, by evaluating their proficiency of the Chinese language and ability to teach it.
The project is organized by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, coupled with the organization of a number of training sessions for the Arab teachers to teach the Chinese language.
The three-week program included an overview of the development of China's international education, field visits to experimental schools in Liaoning Province and Xi'an city, exchanging common practices and addressing challenges that involve teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The solutions shall then be jointly explored and the Chinese culture shall be brought up such as the art of the Chinese tea and the Chinese medicine.
The Liaoning Center for Basic Education is located in the Liaoning College of Education and the Liaoning Center for Electromechanical Education at Shenyang University. It has 26 secondary schools and 14 schools, namely the Central Museum and its affiliated companies. Among the few countries in the Middle East which cooperate with the Center are Jordan, through TAG–Confucius, Amman, Jordan, and Lebanon through Confucius Institute at Beirut University, the capital city of Lebanon.
Shenyang University for Teachers is linked to the People's Government of Liaoning Provincial. It is a multidisciplinary university covering philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, management and art. The University was founded in 1951, and has now more than 22,000 university students, more than 3,300 graduate students and employs more than 950 foreign students. Now the country has trained a large number of teachers with both moral integrity and talent and has made important contributions to education in the northeast, especially in Liaoning.

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