TAG-Confucius Institute Participate in the 4th Chinese Teaching Seminar in Jordan

On September 27, the 4th Chinese teaching seminar in Jordan sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters and Chinese embassy in Jordan was held at Confucius Institute at Philadelphia University.

Chinese ambassador to Jordan Mr. Pan Weifang, cultural counsellor Mr. Yang Ronghao and secretary of Cultural Division Ms. Zheng Yan attended the seminar.

Twenty-one Chinese teachers from TAG-Confucius Institute, the University of Jordan, the Military College of Foreign Languages, Islamic Educational College, Mashrek International School and Confucius Institute at Philadelphia University participated in the seminar.

The Chinese teachers shared their teaching experience and enthusiastically  discussed the issues related to Chinese language teaching, involving classroom management at primary and secondary schools, intercultural communication in teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL), professionalism of teachers in TCFL, teaching case analysis, teaching methods, teaching devices and techniques, etc. The teachers were enthusiastic in discussion in intense academic atmosphere and worked out corresponding solutions to the problems encountered in teaching.

In his summary, Yang Ronghao thanked the Chinese teachers for their efforts and contributions to the development of Chinese language teaching in Jordan. He encouraged the teachers to have more studies on teaching and constantly improve their professional capability and comprehensive quality and work as the ambassadors of cultural exchange between China and Jordan. The teachers should also learn about the local culture, laws, regulations and customs so as to improve their intercultural communicative competence.

In addition, the teachers should abide by the rules and regulations of Confucius Institute Headquarters, Chinese embassy and their teaching institutions, be self-disciplined, increase safety awareness and ensure personal safety. At last, he added that the teachers should unite and cooperate with each other to build an excellent Chinese teaching team in Jordan.

After the teaching seminar, Ambassador Pan Weifang had informal discussion with the teachers. He extended his thanks to the teachers for their dedication to work and sense of responsibility. He also shared with the teachers his experience of studying and working abroad, in international and national situations.

He hoped that the teachers should pay attention to current affairs, know more about the politics, economy, culture and social development of the local country and enhance intercultural awareness. Ambassador Pan Weifang also explained and answered patiently their questions concerning the work and life of the teachers. He hoped that the teachers would concentrate on improving the quality and level of Chinese language teaching in Jordan and the embassy would do its best to provide help for the teachers.

The teaching seminar was held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. The teachers were very proud of TCFL and they said that they would do well in Chinese teaching with full enthusiasm and form confidence and contribute to the educational, cultural, economic and trade exchanges between China and Jordan.


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