TAG-Confucius Institute Conducts Periodic Meetings with its Team

AMMAN - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Confucius Institute (TAG-CI), conducted the periodic meetings with TAG-CI Team in order to develop their performance and find solutions to obstacles and challenges that may academically and administratively face the Institute.

The meeting was led by the Executive Director of TAG-Confucius Mr. Mamoun Abu Al Sebaa`, the Chinese Dean Ms. Yang Songfang and Ms. Randa Al Yabroudi, TAGCI Deputy Manager and TAGCI Teachers.

The meeting began with a warm welcoming to the new teacher Ms. Sun Na, as a new member joined the team wishing her success and progress in her mission.

Mr. Abu Al Sebaa stressed on following the rules of the Institute's policies and regulation. “Every teacher is an ambassador to China,” he stated, “We need dedicated teachers with excellent performance as we are working to be the best CI in the world.”

He also talked about problems of education, students, and how to control the classrooms. He added that there will be an appreciation for the ideal teacher every three months according to his or her performance and evaluation.

For her part, Ms. Randa Al Yabroudi said that we all have to work under the principle “one Team and one Family “, and we spend more time working at the institute than we spend with our families, our work must be based on love, sincerity and giving because the prosperity and success of the institute is a success for every member of CI.

 Ms. Yang Songfang the Chinese dean talked about the online courses which must be completed before 15th November 2019, underlining the teachers' commitment to the instructions and policies of the Institute.
The team discussed the plans for the activities which the Institute will participate in the year 2019.


Cultural Program

Organizing cultural activities is an effective way to expand the influence of Confucius Institutes(HSK Exam)

China Visit Program

Confucius Institute Summer/winter camp is an annual Chinese language

Chinese for Kids

TAG-Confucius Institute designed this special course for children 6 to14 years old