TAG-Confucius Institute Celebrates International Children’s Day
On June 1, International Children’s Day was celebrated at TAG-Confucius Institute (TAG-CI). The children, their parents and the teachers of TAG-CI participated in the celebration together.

The teachers of TAG-CI decorated the venue beforehand. Colorful balloons, various decorations, “Peppa Pig” movie, children’s music, festival board, etc. made TAG-CI full of festival atmosphere.

Dr. Yang Songfang, Chinese Director of TAG-CI, first expressed her festival wishes to and love for the children, and presented each of them a beloved gift. The children couldn’t wait to open their gifts and they were very happy to see them.
Following that, the children recited nursery rhymes and poems, such as Couplet Rhymes, Home, Ode to Goose, Painting, Ode to the Village, Four Seasons, Crescent Moon, Rainbow and so on. They also sang some Chinese songs, such as “One, Two, Three”, “Seeking Friends”, “Little Stars”, “School Song” and “Lovely Rabbits”, etc.
In the game “You describe and I guess”, the teacher prepared a variety of guessing cards for the children and let them take turns to guess.
The children were quick-witted and answered the questions correctly, winning the applause from the teachers and parents.
In the balloon volleyball match, in order to win the match, the children made every effort to block and spike. The fierce competition pushed the atmosphere of the celebration to a climax.
Chopsticks picking up beans competition also aroused great interest of the children. They were clipping beans carefully and attentively and could use the chopsticks more and more skillfully.
The children learned the Lego puzzle as well. They could successfully made the shape of “TAGCI” (the English abbreviation of TAG-Confucius Institute) under the guidance of the teacher. The children also used the seven-piece puzzle to make the shapes of boat, fish, house, dog, fox and the others.
This kind of puzzle game exercised the children’s hands and brain.

In addition, the children tried on traditional Chinese costumes, experienced playing magic cube, almond kernel and other games.
Nearly four hours of activities brought endless joy to the children and received praise from the children and parents. TAG-CI will continue to organize such activities to let children learn about Chinese culture in joy.

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