TAG-Confucius Institute Attends 2019 Joint Conference of Confucius Institutes in Arab Countries

        On April 28, the Joint Conference of Confucius Institutes in Arab Countries 2019 was held in Dubai, UAE, which was sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban in China and host by Confucius Institute at University of Dubai. Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters Yu Yunfeng, Assistant Undersecretary of UAE Ministry of Education Hamad Mohammad Al Yahyaei, President of University of Dubai Dr. Eesa M. Bastaki, Acting Consul-General of Consulate-General of China in Dubai Tan Li attended the Conference. More than 80 Chinese and foreign delegates from 17 Confucius Institutes/Classrooms in 10 Arab countries were present at the Conference.
    Yu Yunfeng emphasized in his speech that Confucius Institutes in Arab countries should attach importance to the development of connotation, adapt to local conditions and promote the development with characteristics. Confucius Institutes should strengthen collaboration and exchange experience and thoughts. He put forward five suggestions for the development of Confucius Institutes: sticking to the development of connotation and constantly consolidating the foundation of development; promoting the process of localization to help local social development; striving to find a correct position to achieve characteristic development; promoting cooperation and collaborative development; vigorously embracing modern science and technology, and contributing to the sustainable development of Confucius Institutes through digital means.
    The delegates participated in panel discussions on the topics such as collaborative development of Confucius Institutes, performance management of Confucius Institutes and sustainable development of Confucius Institutes. Dr. Yang Songfang, Chinese Director of TAG-Confucius Institute, shared with the delegates the practice and experience of TAG-Confucius Institutes from the aspects of the collaboration of education, business and trade, human resources and academy on the topic “how to strengthen the collaboration between Confucius Institute and government departments, social institutions and enterprises”.
    At the closing ceremony, Han Guohai, Vice President of Shenyang Normal University that is the partner university of TAG-Confucius Institute, delivered a speech on behalf of partner Chinese universities. He expressed that Confucius Institutes will continue to strengthen the development of connotation in the future, improve the quality of education, actively carry out cooperation, achieve regional Effect, create the characteristic projects and brand of Confucius Institutes in Arab countries, and promote the deep integration of Chinese and Arab civilizations.

    This conference provided a good platform for Confucius Institutes in Arab countries to exchange experience and collaborate with each other. Delegates agreed that this is a pragmatic, efficient and fruitful event, which will promote the Confucius Institutes in Arab countries to further improve the quality of education, enhance the regional influence of Confucius Institutes, and promote language and cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Arab countries.


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