TAG – Confucius Institute organizes a lecture on Traditional 
Chinese Medicine
Amman – 27th June 2018, TAG – Confucius Institute organizes a lecture on traditional Chinese medicine Presented by Dr. Wang Wei Spine specialist and orthopedic joints, attended by the students, TAGCI Team and who is interested in Chinese language and culture. 
The doctor presented a detailed presentation of the common bone and joint diseases of the present, he also reviewed traditional Chinese medicine, and he treated some of the patients' cases of attendance using traditional Chinese methods.
Chinese Medicine:
Chinese Medicine is an alternative medicine widely used in the world, incorporating traditional Chinese medicine practices that have evolved over thousands of years. Chinese medicine includes several theories, diagnoses and treatments such as herbal remedies, Chinese needles and massage. Chinese medicine is one of the forms of so-called Oriental medicine, which includes some other traditional practices of East Asia, such as traditional Japanese and Korean medicine.
It has become difficult to reconcile traditional Chinese medical concepts with contemporary medical knowledge. But they still play an important role in assessing patients and formulating the form of acupuncture treatment. According to the National Institutes of Health.
The theory of acupuncture
Health is a state of balance between yin and yang within the body. Some have compared yin and yang and both the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The free flow of Qi is particularly important in acupuncture. It is difficult to translate the concept of Chinese philosophy but it is usually translated into "bioenergy". The 'Qi' expresses the non-material and is then called 'Yang' and expresses the 'yen' from materialism such as blood (written in English in capital letters to distinguish it from blood physiologically and everything else). Acupuncture regulates the flow of both blood and blood, unites when there is deficiency, withdraws when there is excess, and stimulates free flow when there is stagnation. Intuitive axioms of medical acupuncture treatment "No pain, no clogging; no clogging, no pain."

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