Luay Abu-Ghazaleh Chairs 9th Annual Meeting of TAG-Confucius Institute Board of Directors at Shenyang Normal University
SHENYANG - China-Mr. Luay Abu-Ghazaleh, Vice-Chairman of TAG-Org and Chairman of TAG-Confucius Institute chaired the 9th Annual Meeting of TAG-Confucius Institute at Shenyang Normal University.
Mr. Abu-Ghazaleh expressed his pride in the partnership between the Shenyang Normal University and TAG-Org dating back to 2008. He pointed out that this partnership is significant for it is the only partnership in the world between the Chinese government and the business sector.
TAG- Org's visiting delegation members included Mr. Mamoun Abu El Sebaa, Executive Director of TAG-Confucius Institute along with Dr. Yang Songfang, Director of TAG-Confucius Institute. Shenyang Normal University was represented by Dr. Li Taijuin, Vice President, Dr. Zhang Wei, Dean of the Faculty of Education and International Relations; Dr. Li Feng, Dean of the International Business School and Dr. Wang Rui, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education and International Relations.
Abu-Ghazaleh stressed H.E. Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh's keenness to consolidate the relationships between the two sides through new partnerships in various fields for achieving the "One Belt One Road" initiative which serves as the cornerstone of the existing cooperation.
Mr. Abu-Ghazaleh pointed out that TAG-Org has set up the plans to establish an applied university college in the field of business and information and communication technology. Concurrently, TAG-Org is keen to further partner with Shenyang Normal University in this project which is the first of its kind in Jordan.

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